Oulipost, Day 8 – Beautiful Inlaw (Beau Present)

We have come to one of the Oulipo constraints which has a name I just adore – Beau Present.  Being enamoured of the name doesn’t make the constraint any easier, though.  With the beautiful inlaw, we are to compose a poem which is comprised only of the letters found in the name which we chose from our paper; ideally, the poem is for the person named.  This is one constraint where I think everyone is using an online anagram generator.  The name I selected, Bizimana Emmanuel, had over 30,000 anagrams.  I gave up looking at them after a thousand. Lesson learned – longer is not always better. Ouliposter Doug Lumen handled this one beautifully.  See his Oulipo Beau Present , and check out the beautiful inlaws of other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.

Bouquet for Bizimana Emmanuel

zinnia amble –
blue azalea beam
biennial amaze

a main umbel
a zen elm
a lime, ablaze


Sullivan, Katherine. Rwanda marks genocide history
Boston Globe, April 8, 2014


6 thoughts on “Oulipost, Day 8 – Beautiful Inlaw (Beau Present)

  1. wonderful … I especially loved reading your poem, perched as it is above the title of your source. the beauty of the poem against the jaggedness of genocide.

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