Oulipost, Day 14 – Column Inches

Today’s post is another substitution constraint – select an advertisment or classified item in your paper, then select an article.  Substitute all the nouns in the classified column with nouns lifted, in order, from the article.  The first, and most significant constraint here is that the Boston Globe doesn’t have print classifieds anymore, and precious little online.  After scratching my head for a bit, I remembered Uncle Henry’s!  Uncle Henry’s is a little classified magazine that you can pick up in any gas station in Maine or New Hampshire.  Need a new ice fishing auger?  Want to sell your snowmobile?  Got a fresh litter of Coon kittens?  Uncle Henry’s is the place to go, and now they are online.  Because they don’t charge to post, the postings are a lot longer and more interesting that what little the Globe had to offer.  I selected an article from the Globe, rearranged things just a bit, and I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome!

Check out a great column inches Oulipost from my friend across the pond, Winston Plowes – it’s worth a fair chuckle.   Find other column inch Oulipo offerings at the Found Poetry Review.

Leave a New Song

I have worked for the city
in the peppy beat of the music.

Whatever you need help beyond –
the sky, light, message, people

making dance, please call.
I will get back to afternoon.

I have great strength; I can
come to help you in your rain.

Uncle Henry’s Online, Community Bulletin Board

Boston Globe, April 14, 2014
Steele, Anne. Dancers sing praises of community’s strength


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