Oulipost, Day 29 – Canada Dry

“Canada Dry, the champagne of ginger ales”.  Bubbly like champagne, tawny like champagne, but not actually champagne.  Write a poem which sounds as if it has been Oulipoed, but, in fact, hasn’t.
I’m not certain how successful I was, but it was fun and zany, and had a building and retreating line constraint.  Ouliposter Carol Stephen had a wonderful homage to the beverage in question, and you can see the effervescent writing of the other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.

“I’m doing the best I can”

When dealing with a gnome-obsessed local
holding a guitar and a bunch of cherries,
constantly pulling down the sleeves
of his drab sweatshirt,

when the leviathan known as reality
comes from her own past into
a dashingly painted, double-wide trailer,

when it doesn’t quite pay off – the saintliness
of the father against the son

when the words that were audible
weren’t always the right ones

you need an ability to call things
by their real names, a love of disguises
fancy dress (and I don’t mean a lot);

you need acolytes – predictably quirky –
characters who used to fight, all the time,
but now continue to enthrall us, less
like real people than expository devices.


Boston Globe, April 29, 2014

Aucoin, Don. “Good Television” exposes a harsh reality

Copobianco, Ken. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed; Nights Like This

Gantz, Jeffrey. Voight has a ball at Symphony Hall

Gilbert, Michael. Live-in besties in ‘Playing House’

Hirsh, Marc. Pixies still have ‘Indie’ spirit

Maas, Steven. An ‘apocolyptic comedy’ inspired by one of history’s darkest chapters

O’Neil, Luke. The Ghost of a saber Tooth Tiger; Midnight Sun

Singal, Jesse. Study of psychopaths fascinates and frustrates

Smee, Sebastian. Who’s that girl?

Sullivan, James. Pressing On


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