Oulipost, Day 9 – Headlines

This is another variation on the cento – compose a poem using only headlines, or sections of headlines, from today’s paper.  It was very interesting to see how different the language was, between the headlines and quotes.  And, of course, there was far less material to draw from in the headlines.  Reading offerings from other Ouliposters, I have realized just how much of the news is repeated everywhere.  You can see the same line or phrase used by multiple writers.  The words are used differently, of course, by different people, but it made me appreciate the regional nature of my paper, and I tried to favour headlines from local reporters. I allowed myself articles, and to repeat a word or two.  Also, I made a mistake.  In writing up my bibliography, I discovered that a word I had used should have been “grove”, not “groove” – but I like the effect of the mistake, so I’ll let the keyboard participate in writing this one.  Who am I to argue?
I really enjoy the Headline cento by Ouliposter Roxanna Bennett.  Check out more Oulipo Headlines from the Found Poetry Review .



they break out, a perfect match –
amid standouts, they stand out

the rose of new
the brights of way

choosier than a town in tangle
than a network in groove

our fascination with
the unknown embraces

enlightening after darkness
diamonds on the first date


Bibliography, Boston Globe April 9, 2014

Baker, Billy. Town in tangle on how to label the Yuletide break

Blair, Diane; Wright, Pamela. Rose of New England is a late bloomer

Borchers, callum. In case of emergency, they break out Google Glass; Beth Isreal Deaconess embraces wearable screens

Farrell, Michael. Boston launches free Wi-Fi network in Grove Hall

Holmes, Baxter. Amid standouts, they stand out

Keene, Tom. Our fascination with the unknown

Reidy, Chris. Diamonds on the first date?  Why not?

Vega, Michael. Perfect match

Weather column, A1. Brights of way

Whitmer, Michael. Enlightening after darkness



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