Oulipost, Day 28 – Melting Snowball

The reverse of our Snowball work from day 10; end the poem with one letter, and in each preceding line the word should contain one letter more.  Words should be drawn, in order, from your selected text.
Once again, I found myself unable to follow the rules and use only one word.  My words do have the correct number of letters, and they are drawn in order from the text, but, otherwise…  See a fantastic Melting Snowball with very creative use of punctuation by Ouliposter Lilian Necakov;  see those last Melting Snowballs from the month of April at the Found Poetry Review.



discipline, destroying, professors

including, establish, academics

probably, provided, pressure

require, review, results

recent, report, review

whose, those, shows



Boston Globe, April 28, 2014
Rocheleau, Matt. Suffolk to evaluate its tenured faculty


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