Oulipost, Day 27 – Irrational Sonnet

Oh thank heavens!!! A sonnet!!!! Do I care that it has screwy line breaks?  I do not.  I am grateful for the company of a familiar friend.  This sonnet is deemed irrational because the stanzas are broken in accordance with the irrational number pi – 3.1415…
I looked and looked for an article to inspire me, but, in all the Boston Globe Sunday edition, this was the only thing which caught my fancy.  There were many more birds listed, but I made a point of only selecting those birds that I have actually seen and could identify if my life depended upon it. Regular text comes from the paper; italicized text is the litany of comments which ran through my head as I was typing.  Rule-breaking, irreverent, I am an Ouliposter throwing convention to the wind!  See the saucy  and impudent writing of the other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.

Bird Sightings
to Thorton Burgess, who taught me all the birds 

Migration was progressing this week (not reindeer; they don’t mean reindeer)
New migrants included: (oh look!  I get to use a colon! Fine punctuation, that)
Tri-coloured herons, solitary sandpipers, (colour does too have a U in it)

barn swallows, winter wrens, purple finches, (purple is really red – so Roman of them)

yellow-throated warblers, (must get the boy to  fill the bird feeders for the cats)
a rough-legged hawk, an upland sandpiper, (caught a hawk in a grocery bag, oncet)
two snowy owls, a peregrine falcon, (those snowies are tricksy to spot)
a common raven, twelve rusty blackbirds (no pie)

a pied-billed grebe, (bet you don’t know what pied means)

two pileated woodpeckers, (I REALLY want this call  for a ring tone on my phone)
nine ruby-crowned kinglets, (never saw a kinglet until I was in my forties.  Imagine.)
Ninety glossy ibises, a barred owl, (saw one in the graveyard, running at dusk)
two eastern towhees, (used to be called the rufous-sided towhee. Sigh. Taxonomists)
a vulture soaring over the great meadows. (as jolly, round, red Mr. Sun went down behind the purple hills)


Boston Globe, April 27, 2014
Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society


6 thoughts on “Oulipost, Day 27 – Irrational Sonnet

  1. I adore this, starting with Thornton Burgess. Did you ever read his Mother West Wind series? I still have and cherish mine.

    Both in writing and reading the irrational sonnets, I decided I like the form. So much can be done with these particular line breaks. I’m going to go enjoy yours all over again.

  2. Margo, I am so glad that someone else knows Thorton Burgess! I was raised on those books – the Mother West Wind series, and all “The Adventures of…”. Seems as if no one knows them anymore!

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