Oulipost, Day 24 – Homosyntaxism

Select a section of text, and replace each word with another word which represents the same part of speech.
My seventh grade teacher did teach me to diagram sentences, but I played loose and fast with this.  I wanted to preserve the feel of the original quote (stanza one), but I also wanted to create a narrative and maintain a sense of cohesion through similar meter and internal rhyme.  I’m becoming quite the rule breaker here…
To see a homosyntactic poem that followed the rules quite cleverly, read Ouliposter Kelly Nelson’s offering of the day. See how other Ouliposters are bending the rules with more homosyntaxism at the Found Poetry Review.



How can I make this
harder? she mused a
few minutes later.
It was less a question
than a threat.

When will you take her
seriously? you wondered
this mere days ago.
Distance seemed smaller,
time still an issue.

Now shall we push them
faster? hours tumbled,
the new dimension
afterward. We grew taller,
late sun against the soil.



Boston Globe, April 24, 2014
Teitell, Ruth. Get the Balance Right


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