Oulipost, Day 22 – Antonymy

After yesterday’s exhaustive journey through the paper, today I made only a brief excursion.  The constraint, antonymy, requires that you select a text, and replace all the words with their antonyms.  Ouliposter Robin Meister has a quirky piece involving bottled water and biodiesel.  You can explore the contrarian works of other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.  Rather than spend hours wallowing in online dictionaries, I went with my gut, and sought to engage the spirit of the constraint.  The quote I selected (italicized) is practically an untreated piece on its own.  Here is today’s offering –


Specific Artifice

I tried to photograph trees
as if they were people.

Almost unconsciously,
I made a U-turn.

I found myself again drawn
to places without people,

as I was when I
was a young man.

You succeeded in recording
the voices of rocks because
they were without animus.

Thoughtfully, deliberately, you
continued straight down the road.

You lost yourself for the first time,
repelled by moments of solitude,

unlike the place where
you were an old woman.


Boston Globe, April 22, 2014
Feeney, Mark. Nature that’s personal


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