Oulipost, Day 21 – Confabulation

The task?  Using quotes from your paper, construct a conversation between two or more people.  Oh, gosh, I actually loved doing this one.  It took forever, but I felt like the prior cento work we’ve done here had really prepared me, and I definitely was able to transform the material.  By the way – the funnies? 100% quotes, everything.  I totally used those.  Misky has a really fun confabulation, here.  You can see the crazy conversations of other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.

Phone Conversation 15 Years After Our Divorce


A Couple of Stitches, But a Long Way from the Heart

Look who the wind blew in –

I’m right here, right now.
It’s been too long already.

Well, there are a lot
worse places to be.

It’s important for us to
really grasp what we did –

– the way we grasped and clawed –

You don’t forget.

I was embarrassed, I was
hurt. It’s another thing to
learn it from the other side.

It was an error, a stupid mistake.

Then I went crazy. I just
tried to protect myself,
really bottle that up.

We talked about this – we knew
we could be better than we were.

I was probably a bit premature.

It happened, you know?
It happened. I’m amazed
it has not come out until now.

I guess, to tell you the truth,
I didn’t think we were very good.

As poor as we were,
I thought we got it
right where we wanted it.

And here we are, 15 years later.
I have a better idea.

It’s “us”, it’s “we”.

I think we’ve got to stay
out of  the nonsense; we’re just
going to try to stay patient.

I don’t know how to feel –
grateful? thankful? It’s an anxious time.

Take a deep breath honey,
and slow down.  Take all
the time you need.

There’s going to be some
ebb and flow. We have
to remain patient to that.

I think that’s important.

I think it’s finally starting to set in.
We are not alone.  We have just now
begun to understand what we can do.

We’ll soon find out.

Oh, I’m counting on it.

That always brings me
a little bit of comfort to me.
Sleep fast.

Sleep fast.

Bibliography, Boston Globe, April 21, 2014

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Marrapese-Burrel, Nancy. Flustered Detroit needs to address identity crisis

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Murphy, Shelley. Hopkinton spruces up for Marathon’s crucial first steps

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Tziperman Lotan, Gal. Outdoor church invites homeless in

Vega, Michael. Rough spots cleared by bullpen’s clean work

Weintraub, Karen. 1 in 20 adult outpatients misdiagnosed, study reports


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