Oulipost, Day 20 – Lescurean Permutation

After the exhausting, but rewarding, sestina, it is with pleasure that I greet today’s substitution constraint.  Select your passage, and exchange nouns within the passage – 1st with 3rd, 2nd with 4th, 5th with 7th, and so on.  I chose just one short sentence, but after exchanging nouns, I added a couple additional stanzas.  There are a variety of choices in how you can rearrange your nouns, so I chose a different order for each.  It’s a simple piece, but may have some meaning for anyone who has tried to eliminate self from his or her writing.
Ouliposter Massimo Soranzio has a short but gracious Lescurean Permutation, and you can see many, many other permutations, configurations and general noun twisters at the Found Poetry Review’s page.


No More Confessional Poems

Working at habit
started out as just
a bad night, but
it soon became

Activities found
nothing getting drawn
deeper into writing;
that I had to do
with myself.

It decided, as a way
to the coal mine, duty
would go down into
the craft, so I could
work my I
out of I.


Boston Globe, April 20, 2014
Williamson, Eugenia. Robert Coover


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