Oulipost, Day 18 – Homoconsonantism

Say it slowly; don’t hurt yourself.  Stslwldnthrtrslf.  Sits low, load another is loaf.  That’s the nature of this prompt; take a sentence, remove all the vowels, and rewrite it with new vowels of your choosing.  I have to say, I tried a couple, and they were nothing but gibberish.  On the plus side, a very nice gentleman bought my paper for me today.  I was in line, fumbling in my pocket for the quarters I just knew were there, rather than put a newspaper on my credit card, and he kindly paid for my paper . This was no doubt in order to move the line along, but still it was an act of kindness, and made my evening.  So, to my unnamed benefactor, tahk sa mycket.  To see an Ouliposter having fun with the form, check out today’s post by Elizabeth Evans .   See Homoconsonantisms from the rest of the Oulipost gang at the Found Poetry Review.


I. The spot, not liter,
now rock, how very hades.
Spore song, happened nag.

II. To snap, top ring,
nose mows nadir.
Screen go the canny,
act on sit, hot bath.
Quaint, so snit, all
venn, scamps rush,
dot be home.


Boston Globe, April 18, 2014
Eichler, Jeremy. Swiss maestro steps in to lead BSO’s Mozart and Mahler program


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