Oulipost, Day 17 – Haikuisation

I AM GETTING OULIPO!!!  For whatever reason, this prompt is getting me jazzed; I am having so much fun doing these that I had to have a stern talk with myself about stopping and actually getting the post up.  The Oulipost version of haiku involves reducing three sentences to a haiku-like form.  I am profoundly intimidated by real haiku.  There are a lot of rules to it, and I have friends who take haiku very, very seriously, so I’m afraid to try and flounder.  In the Oulipo version, we are just playing, no pressure!  I took a cue from Margo Roby, and limited my house rules to three lines with a vento.  What a blast!

I bought a Boston Globe this morning, and then my Hometown Weekly showed up in the mailbox, so I used both.  There are lots of other fun OuliHaiku today; Ouliposter Kelly Jones penned a wonderful spring triptych. Take your jeweler’s loupe and go examine other teeny-tiny Ouliposts at the Found Poetry Review.



He is very gentle –
take the toys right out of his mouth;
definitely needs training.

Sweet, friendly, gentle,
mild-mannered, dog-friendly cat –
FIV a death sentence.

(I feel the need to let you know that my town has a no-kill shelter; Kyle will be fine)


Followed her family,
enjoyed her Saturdays on the golf course.
Also visited the Holy Land.

A teacher for 22 years,
devoted wife, mother, grandmother;
loved whooping Scrabble.


Unravel our favourite park,
share distinct cultural heritage –
a combination puzzle.

 Real Living Expert
The buying and selling process –
coordinate your sell to buy transactions.
Enjoy appetizers and cocktails.

This workshop geared
toward peer support and recreation.
Free siblings for children.

Meat Raffle
Support sponsored events!
Choice chops will be raffled –
a fun event for all.

Altered Books
April vacation –
create poetry, poems, pictures.
Books aren’t just for reading.


Irreverent Bird
Theatre world’s posers,
plumbing the depths of romantic frustration
give Chekhov a giggle.


Holly Golightly
Partner in crime
cat around, storming with glee.
Blessing might be curse.

Weighty, finite songs;
jittery band underpinned release –
the idea of evolution.

 Dustin Wong
Loops and layers
a swirl of breathless, frenetic notes,
wordless and wondrous.

 Bluegrass Festival
A second year.
Old-time fiddle and banjo talent –
down home up here.

Denney and the Jets
Mexican coke –
acquittal, hangovers, addiction, living, dying.
Stonesy honk and swagger.

Jonny Two Bags
Make a full evening –
electric elements which manifest
always latent in that band.

 Boy George
A gospel-like fervor
sounds downright sanctimonious –
he’ll still tumble for ya.



Medfield Hometown Weekly, April 17, 2014

Pets of the Week, Obituaries, Community Calendar


Boston Globe, April 17, 2014

Byrne, Terry. Arts, Irreverent ‘Bird’

Reed, James. Rock & Pop

Munro, Stuart. Folk, World and Country



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