Oulipost, Day 10 – Snowball

So, like a snowball rolling down a hill and picking up mass, an Oulipo snowball adds one letter per word, as the poem progresses.  Since we are working from newspapers, you would commence counting at the start of an article, and add words which have the right number of letters, as they appear, in order, in the article.
I went with as house rule here – I allowed myself to include several words in a row with the requesite number of letters, if I so desired. I also derived two stanzas from the piece, which work and belong together.  Not much else to say about this one; it clearly holds the spirit of the article.  See other Oulipost Snowballs at the Found Poetry Review.



21 and high
least, thrust, doctors, rampage

shootings, stabbings, screaming

aggravated authorities



he, to, up
and his
face that fast felt
blood splash

saying, tackled, disarmed
regularly handcuffed



Boston Globe, April 10, 2014. Begos, Kevin; Mandak, Joe. 21 students hurt in knife attack at PA school


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