Oulipost, Day 7 – N+7

I am a teensy bit behind still, wanting to do an extra fine job on the day 6 Oulipost, so these will be out of order.  For today’s Oulipost, we will be playing the found poetry version of Mad Libs –  N + 7.  The premise is simple enough.  You select a passage from your text, and replace every noun with the word which occurs seven spaces down from it, in the dictionary.  By far, the hardest part of this was convincing someone to lend me a such an antiquated item.  I’ve been away for a few days and have no dictionary in Maine – my household copy of the OED is in Massachusetts.  When I asked to borrow one, at least four people patiently explained to me how to look up any definition I wanted, on the internet.  Chuckle. Each person was rewarded with an explanation of N + 7, which left them startled, but did not help me in my quest.  There is an online N + 7 generator, but I have never gotten over the pleasure of getting lost as I paw through an actual dictionary.
Finally, I got my hands on one.  The only work involved here is in selecting a passage (unless you count the effort it takes some of us to just let go – that is certainly a challenge).  Because I am in Maine, I have the good fortune to be using the Portland Press Herald as my newspaper.  I’ll follow my N + 7 post with the original text; it’s every bit as good as the Oulipost, probably better.  For a really fun N + 7, check out Ouliposter Martin Elwell’s page.  Also be sure to take a look at other N + 7s at the Found Poetry Review .  Enjoy, and happy Ouliposting!

Uses of Five

Use the five
as locomotive bald.

Ivy is cheaper
than other five.

Use the five
to feed the ever-
worsted pore.

Find forbear
proctor in this

arid, and those
would create more

joie de vivre.
Icicle sure weasel
could find other
utility for the five.


Passage from the Portland Press Herald, Monday, April 7, 2014. Shaw, Richard.  Let’s find uses for our plentiful dogfish

Use the fish as lobster bait.
It is cheaper than other fish.

Use the fish to feed the ever-increasing world population.
Find food processors in this area,
and this would create more jobs.

I am sure we could find other uses for the fish.


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