Oulipost, Day 2 – the Lipogram

And…for a completely different animal, today, the lipogram.  A lipogram is a poem which excludes words containing certain letters – in the case of the Ouliposters, the letters contained in the title of our newspapers.  Since I am using the Boston Globe, I have to eliminate any words containing the letters B, E, G, L, N, O, S, and T.  B is okay, G is not so bad, but losing the other letters made this a tough challenge.  With a severely limited selection of words to draw on, all the Oulipost lipograms are turning out to be fairly short, fun (even funny), and heavy on the assonance and consonance.  If you want to see how playful a poet can be with the form, go check out this post by Margo Roby.  You can see lipograms from the other Ouliposters at the Found Poetry Review.


Boston Globe Lipogram, April 2


Church –
a quick fix
a hard fraud.
I did much –
I did march
away, far away.



Cullen, Kevin. Delivery from ashes for fallen firefighter’s wife

Jan, Tracy. Rural states oppose Boston’s dominance in research funds

Weintraub, Karen. Fraud alleged in findings on stem cells

Weisman, Jonathan. GOP targets foodstamps, Medicaid



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